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What is openSquat

openSquat is an opensource Intelligence (OSINT) security tool to identify cyber squatting threats to specific companies or domains, such as:

It does support some key features such as:

This is an opensource project so everyone’s welcomed to contribute.

Screenshot / Video Demo

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Check the 40 seconds Demo Video (v1.95)

Demo / Forks

Note: Both forks do not contain all openSquat features.

How to Install

    git clone
    pip install -r requirements.txt

Make sure you have Python 3.6+ and pip3 in your environment

How to Update

To update your current version, just type the following commands inside the openSquat directory:

    git pull
    pip install -r requirements.txt

The “pip install” is just to make sure no new libs were added with the new upgrade.

Usage Examples

Edit the “keywords.txt” with your customised keywords to hunt.

    # Lazy run with default options

    # for all the options
    python -h
    # Search for generic terms used in phishing campaigns (can lead to false positives)
    python -k generic.txt

    # With DNS validation (quad9)
    python --dns
    # Subdomain search
    python --subdomains
    # Check for domains with open ports 80/443
    python --portcheck

    # With Phishing validation (Phishing Database)
    python --phishing phish_results.txt

    # Save output as JSON
    python -o example.json -t json

    # Save output as CSV
    python -o example.csv -t csv

    # Conduct a certificate transparency (ct) hunt
    python --ct

    # Period search - registrations from the last month (default: day)
    python -p month

    # Tweak confidence level. The lower values bring more false positives
    # (0: very high, 1: high (default), 2: medium, 3: low, 4: very low
    python -c 2

    # All validations options
    python --phishing phishing_domains.txt --dns --ct --subdomains --portcheck 

To Do / Roadmap

Feature Request

To request for a new feature, create a “new issue” and describe the feature and potential use cases. If something similar already exists, you can upvote the “issue” and contribute to the discussions.



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How to help

You can help this project in many ways: